Icons are going to 'break' for this site as well? Funded by who? God bless America's values in their fantasy. You are with me or a traitor. TRUTH! Stop this 'double' nonsense!

  My letter to _______________________________________ Would you like to go to court? I also have videos of you not allowing me to search more than 50 miles while showing me nothing but 88 for the bell... always subject to suddenly change? I cannot change the age of women or search for them younger than 29? You are clearly violating much more than taking my money for premium. At the very least as I move typically a few times a year I will go door to door as I am promoting my own websites and should I sure to always inform them of someone crooked on top of them when they use 'plenty of fish'? I've used this site so many times but NEVER not ONCE has it actually worked! I feel like I have been robbed so many countless hours... and you are advertising for other websites? The only person who has called me has been someone trying to get me to go to some other website to pay money in order to try and get with her! Are you being funded by the Mormon Church to stay on top of